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General FAQ2019-10-29T16:36:36-07:00
What is the response time?2019-10-15T10:34:24-07:00

Typically response is right away, scheduling depends on nurses schedule, bookings and time.

What forms of insurance are accepted?2019-10-15T10:32:23-07:00

We take cash, credit and HSA cards.  We unfortunately do not take insurance

How safe is the IV therapy?2019-10-15T10:31:57-07:00

IV therapy if administered appropriately is safe.  Our team of highly skilled providers and nurses pay close attention to each patient and their past medical and current histories.  We use only FDA backed, US pharmacies for our medications.

Will I feel pain?2019-10-15T10:31:28-07:00

We use small needles for our IV treatments, so its virtually pain-free.  You may feel some slight discomfort with the needle insertion, but we can use a numbing medication to ease the pain if requested.

How long does the treatment take?2019-10-15T10:30:41-07:00

Our treatments take roughly 45 minutes. Times can vary depending on the patient.

Where do your vitamins/minerals come from?2019-10-11T13:11:44-07:00

All products come from 503B pharmacies which are FDA regulated and tested for safety

What are your hours?2020-01-21T12:36:50-07:00

We are open 7 days a week 9am – 8pm and can accommodate day of requests. Hours may vary on holidays, please call for availability for those days.

What areas do you cover?2019-10-15T10:33:30-07:00

IVRide covers the greater Phoenix area and most outlying cities.  Call to discuss if you have questions.

Is there a medical provider overseeing all IV therapies?2019-10-11T13:27:52-07:00

Yes, absolutely. We have a certified family nurse practitioner, a board certified doctor of pharmacy, and a consulting medical doctor.


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